Not only are the Kardashians good at breaking necks, they are also great at breaking records. Khloe Kardashian's debut denim line Good American sold $1 million on its launch day in October. According to People Magazine, the numbers make it the most successful debut in denim line history. You go Koko! The all-inclusive designer denim line has already had two major sell outs. Good American has three styles: Good Legs, Good Cuts and Good Waist. One of its most popular styles include her Good Legs skinny fit cropped jeans. Prices range from$159 to $215.

What's next for Good American?

Khloe Kardashian launched the all-inclusive denim line to accommodate women of all sizes more specifically 0-24.

The reality star says it was a struggle for her to find designer jeans in her size that flattered her body type. In a statement on, Kardashian says she's pleased with the response she's received.

“I’m so happy with the success we have had in the last month, but we have so far to go. This is only the beginning,” the youngest Kardashian sister said.

Starting in 2017, Good American will launch new items on a bi-weekly basis. The denim line will add to its popular jean inventory but will also add skirts, shorts and jackets.

Get your hands on a pair of Good American jeans before they sell out...again

Good American jeans are sold on its website. But if online shopping isn't your shopping preference the designer jeans are also sold exclusively at Nordstrom.

It is unclear whether the line will expand to other stores.

Good American received both praise and criticism

Many women online praised Khloe Kardashian's efforts to fill the void curvier women have when shopping for a great pair of jeans. But the initial criticism came from the hefty prices. Kardashian made it a point to make it clear her line was a designer line.

Her jeans are made in Los Angeles. Aside from naysayers thinking the line should be affordable, reviews judging the quality of the jeans seem positive overall. At the time of this writing, Kardashian's GOOD AMERICAN Good Legs Skinny Jeans has 7 reviews on Most users say they are impressed by the fit, while one user expresses disappointment.

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