One of the biggest stories to end the week is that Donald Trump will remain an executive producer on "The Celebrity Apprentice." Despite being just weeks away from becoming the new commander in chief, Trump is looking to pull double duty.

Trump the producer

There have been several reports of potential conflicts of interest when it comes to Donald Trump and his future job as the leader of the free world. From his international business deals, to his hotels, to members of his own family running his companies, Trump is walking a thin line and entering uncharted territories as the first billionaire to hold the office of the presidency.

Trump's latest decision to remain as an executive producer on "The Celebrity Apprentice," getting a pay day in the process, has critics worried. This issue was discussed during the December 9 edition of "New Day" on CNN.

Joining host Alisyn Camerota was former campaign manager and current Trump senior advisor, Kellyanne Conway.

When pressed about Trump holding an active role on a reality show, Conway didn't seem comfortable with her response. "Were we so concerned about the hours and hours and hours spent on the golf course of the current president?" Conway replied, attempting to compare President Obama golfing to Trump being an executive producer of a hit TV show.

When Camerota asked whether or not Trump would stop playing golf during his presidency, Conway responded, "Umm..well..maybe he will be." "Presidents have a right to do things in their spare time or their leisure time," Kellyanne Conway continued, before adding, "Nobody objects to that." After Camerota questioned what kind of payment Trump would receive for his job as executive producer of the show, Conway deflected, stating, "I haven't discussed that with him directly, however, there are many options."

Next up

In addition to the news that he will be staying on with the show he was once the host of, now replaced by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Donald Trump is currently in talks to turn his Inauguration Day ceremony into a reality show.

The New York Times reported on Thursday that Trump met with co-creator of "The Apprentice," Mark Burnett, to help produce the event.

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