There has been plenty of buzz about the search for Kelly Ripa's co-host replacement as “Live! With Kelly” has gone with a rotating selection of guest co-hosts ever since Michael Strahan left. Now it seems there are some rumors floating around that Strahan is begging to head back to the show and reclaim his place alongside Kelly. Is there any truth to this one?

Things were tense when Strahan left as Ripa's co-host

As “Live” fans know, things were quite tense when Michael Strahan announced last spring that he was leaving his gig there to head to “Good Morning America.” He actually left early due to the drama and Kelly Ripa's co-host chair has remained unfilled other than via guest stars since then.

The show has yet to detail when they will name a replacement and some wonder if they might just go with rotating guest co-hosts permanently.

As GossipCop notes, there was recently some talk floating around that Strahan had come to regret his decision to head to “Good Morning America” and he had resorted to begging Kelly to let him return to his old gig. However, the site checked with a source close to Michael who says that there is no truth to this rumor whatsoever.

Will 'Live!' name a permanent replacement at all?

It seems there has also been talk that Ripa's co-host spot remains open because Kelly refuses to greenlight anybody. That, however, is apparently false as well details GossipCop. There have been many names mentioned as possible picks, including Jerry O'Connell, Anderson Cooper, Neil Patrick Harris, and Josh Groban, but so far, no final decision has been made.

In fact, as the Daily News details, the show's ratings are doing quite well right now so it would be hard to argue that they need to push hard to pin down a permanent co-host at this point, if at all.

Even if Michael Strahan wanted to return to “Live! With Kelly” it would be a stretch to think that he would be able to convince those with the show that it would work for him to be Kelly Ripa's co-host again.

Fans will have to hang tight and wait a bit longer for any announcements about a pick, and it seems safe to say that Michael is sticking with “Good Morning America” at this point.

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