#BellaThorneIsOverParty has been the number 1 trend on Twitter for several hours, and it's all because of Bella's alleged love triangle with Charlie Puth and Tyler Posey. It was assumed that the 19-year-old actress and singer started dating Tyler when several pictures of them together were posted to both of their Instagram accounts. Bella was previously engaged to Gregg Sulkin and has been linked with many stars, such as Cody Simpson and Jake T. Austin. And just last week, Bella found herself in the middle of another rumored relationship when new pictures of her and Charlie Puth surfaced.

Now, it looks like Charlie Puth is turning on Bella and claiming that he had no idea that she and Tyler were still in a relationship.

Charlie's Tweets

Charlie Puth took to Twitter to share his side of the story and apparently confirm a relationship with Bella:

Shortly after Charlie tweeted, Twitter erupted with a newfound hate for the former "Shake It Up" actress.

Bella quickly responded with her side of the story, but it appears that the damage was already done.

Fans of both Tyler Posey and Charlie Puth began tweeting with the hashtag #BellaThorneIsOverParty to express their frustrations.

And some users used the trend to just express their love for celebrity drama.

Keke to the rescue

Bella has yet to respond again to all the slander, but she did have time to retweet Keke Palmer after she called out Charlie Puth. In her tweet, Keke questions Charlie on why he decided to go public with drama rather than texting Bella. She also apologizes to Bella and encouraged her to ignore the hate.

Keke followed up her first tweet with what seems like a plea for everyone to stop the slander.

The response to Keke taking the high road has been overwhelmingly negative. Fans are questioning why Keke felt the need to get involved with the drama and defend a supposed cheater. However, Keke, who is no stranger to controversy, is responding to the hate with nothing but class and composure.

Tyler Posey has yet to respond to any of the accusations.

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