Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz are preparing to get married on the 5th season of "Vanderpump Rules," and at the same time, the marriage between Scheana Marie and Mike Shay is nearing its end. During a new interview, Maloney opened up about how her co-star has been doing since her divorce filing days ago.

"[Scheana Marie] has been very strong and very mature about it all," Maloney told Bravo TV's The Daily Dish, adding that none of the cast saw her split from Mike Shay coming. In fact, Maloney added, she's not sure that Scheana Marie saw it coming herself -- especially after just two years of marriage.

Katie Maloney hasn't always been close with Scheana Marie

As fans of "Vanderpump Rules" will recall, Maloney and Scheana were once at war. However, after Scheana invited Maloney to accompany her and Mike Shay to Miami for their bachelor/bachelorette party, they made amends and have been enjoying a close friendship ever since.

Katie Maloney explains why her co-stars ended their marriage

During her interview with The Daily Dish, the reality star explained that Scheana and Mike Shay likely called it quits after getting to a point where the decision would be best for each of them.

In turn, Katie Maloney bas been doing what she can to be supportive of Scheana Marie and encourage her to keep herself busy as she and Mike Shay prepare to end their marriage.

Scheana is "handling it very well on her own, I will say," Maloney revealed.

Katie Maloney's wedding will air during season five

Maloney and Tom Schwartz became engaged during the 4th season of "Vanderpump Rules" and later this season, they will be seen as they walk down the aisle in Northern California surrounded by their close friends and co-stars, including Lisa Vanderpump who officiated the ceremony.

To see more of Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz, tune in to "Vanderpump Rules" season five tonight at 9 p.m. and stay with Bravo TV until 11 p.m., when the couple makes an appearance on Andy Cohen's late night talk show "Watch What Happens Live."

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