Another Christmas is almost here and this means that Kate Middleton has the daunting task of finding the cheapest and tackiest gift possible to hand out to her in-laws. This isn't a joke, it is actually the tradition of the royal family as the Queen frowns against extravagance when it comes to gift-giving at Christmas time.

According to the Inquisitr, the Queen actually finds pleasure in sizing up all the gifts handed out at their Christmas Eve gathering. She likes to see who came up with the tackiest and cheapest gift of all. Kate Middleton, who is the newest member of their Christmas Eve family gathering was taxed with finding a perfect gift to fit the royals specifications of cheap and tacky.

Royals know the definition of tacky!

If you think the royal family has a different idea of a tacky gift than the masses, think again. They have reached a level of tacky that they can be very proud of. Some of their past gift exchanges included a leather covered toilet seat for Prince Charles. This tacky gift was presented to him one Christmas from his sister, Princess Anne.

Shower cap for the Queen

Prince Harry actually gave his grandmother the Queen a shower cap that had "Ain't life a bitch' written across it. Could you just picture the Queen wearing that? Kate Middleton is rather new to the party, but it didn't take her long to get in the swing of things. One year she gave her brother-in-law Prince Harry a "Grow Your Own Girlfriend" kit, which was made of plastic!

Now that's a cheap and tacky gift!

Christmas is busy

While the cheap gift giving is a tradition with the Royal Family, House Beautiful also runs down what else tradition indicates for Kate and the royals on Christmas. They all get exquisitely dressed up, more so than usual, and the palace is very decked out for the holiday.

The Queen offers a Christmas message to the nation and all of the immediate family members attend mass together.

Queen performed in a play

There was a time when the Queen put on a Christmas play, but that stopped decades ago. In 1941 to 1944, both Elizabeth, who was a princess at the time, and her sister Margaret would put on a play at Windsor Castle during the Christmas season.

Proceeds from the play went to a charity that made wool comforters for the World War II soldiers stationed away from home.

While the Christmas play has fallen by the wayside, the soccer game that Prince William and Prince Harry play in each Christmas Eve has become somewhat of a tradition. It is around this time of year family portraits are taken too! There is so much more the royals do during the Christmas season, but Christmas Eve is reserved for them to get together to hand out those cheap and tacky gifts!

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