Reality TV mom Kate Gosselin is Kate plus seven now that she's down a sextuplet. The "Kate Plus 8" star had her son Collin Gosselin incarcerated in an undisclosed mental health facility for unspecified "anger issues." Gosselin didn't consult the boy's father Jon Gosselin who retains some rights to him. She made the child miss his 12th birthday party and may keep him locked up for Christmas although the clinic he's in is reportedly unsafe. Collin told staffers that his mom abused the kids and Gosselin's been investigated on child abuse, though results are suppressed, says Radar Online. All this has folks asking if Kate is scapegoating Collin, and why?

Who has anger issues, Collin or Kate Gosselin?

"Mommy" (as the eight children, 16 and 12, call Gosselin) is definitely in charge and proudly takes no sass from her kids. Her somewhat Draconian parenting techniques have been questioned as has the parents' fighting. Kate and Jon Gosselin have flung dirt at each other. Mom cheered when the twins Cara and Mady Gosselin publicly denounced their father. Kate bragged when she heard of Collin's accusations that she's beaten child abuse raps before. The reality television mom blames Collin's anger issues on the divorce but is Kate punishing him for questioning her and taking dad's side? Originally Kate called Collin's facility a special school but its proved to be a minimum security juvenile detention center or psych hospital.

And there are reports of dangerous escapes at the lock-down facility. Are his supposed anger issues an excuse to get the squeaky wheel out of the family and under lock and key?

Why Kate Gosselin put Collin in treatment

Kate loves attention, say her kids (who called her "over-dramatic" in US Weekly). When the divorce got Jon & Kate Plus 8" cancelled, Gosselin moved heaven and earth to get a new reality show despite concerns for the children's privacy.

Kate's ex-boyfriend Jeff Prescott says her spotlight craving was why he left. But despite putting her family continually in the public eye, Kate's been curiously cagey on Collin. She never really explained why she keeps him from the family, nor why dad was left out of it. Gosselin hinted that Collin tested her, as though that were a behavior problem and not something all healthy kids do.

Some suggest Kate has a touch of Munchausen by proxy and is exaggerating, or even faking the child's illness for attention.

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