"Kasam," a daily soap aired on Colors TV from Monday to Friday at 10.00 p.m. has managed to create a spellbinding effect with its conceptual romance involving rebirth. The sizzling chemistry enthralls the audiences between the two lead characters Rishi (Sharad Malhotra) and Tannu / Tanuja (Kritika Sengar).

Friday's episode updates

In the episode aired on 2nd December, Raj Singh Bedi’s (Rishi’s father) presence in Mount Abu saves Rishi from falling prey to Malaika’s nasty intentions.

Tanuja is seen knocking at the door, informing Malaika to leave her suite, as Rishi’s father is there in the same hotel.

A fuming Malaika leaves the room.

Rishi gets drunk?

After that, both are shown in a close and emotional frame where Rishi, tries to come closer but is rebuffed by Tanuja as she assumes he is drunk.

He tells her that he is not drunk and loves her too much. Thinking Tanuja to be Tanu (pre-birth of Tanuja) he confesses his undying love for her and pleads with her to never leave him and go again, into that other world, where death had taken her.

On the other hand, Malaika is fighting with her boyfriend over the phone and after a heated argument slams it down.

She comes face to face with Risshi’s father while she is in the hotel. He warns her to stay away from Rishei and Tanuja.

Manpreet (Rishi’s younger brother) calls up their father to inquire where he is and is shocked to find out that he is at Mount Abu.

On knowing this, Rano (mother) feels disappointed that Malaika would not be able to get to Rishi now.

The episode takes the serial to next morning, where Raj Bedi is thrilled to see Rishi and Tanuja together and smiles when he sees Tanu’s hair on Rishi’s neck, overjoyed at the physical evidence of their supposed intimacy.

To quickly sum up, the episode of Kasam on Friday showed Rishi and Tanuja in close intimacy and Raj Singh Bedi as their guardian angel.

Malaika’s attempts to be physically and emotionally close to Rishi are yet again tricked into futility by destiny. Stay tuned for today's updates.

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