Its been a few days since Kanye West (39) left the hospital due to a temporary psychotic outbreak, the doctors asked him to rest, but the rapper doesn't like resting, and had the idea to meet the President-elect Donald Trump (70) in New York. West made an appointment with Trump and he agreed to receive him. The encounter produced a logical media impact that may not be the most appropriate for the mental health of the music mogul. They were talking about 'life' for 15 minutes, and then, during an unplanned press conference Trump defined West as a good man, as well as a longtime friend.

Kim Kardashian

West's wife, Kim Kardashian (36) was not with the rapper in such an important meeting. The reality superstar is furious with her husband because he is not resting as the doctors told him. In fact, within a few days of leaving the hospital, West began composing music for a new album, and days later he attended an art exhibition. It is known that 'Yeezus' is a workaholic and that will not change. Regarding his political ideology, he thinks differently than Kim does: he supported Trump to be president and she preferred Hillary Clinton.

'Kiki' respects the choice of her husband and is not surprised of the encounter that he maintained with Trump.


From his Twitter account, West explained the reasons for his meeting with Trump. Basically, they talked about multi-cultural issues like education, bullying, and violence in Chicago. The music mogul stressed the importance of maintaining good communication with the president if the country wants a change.

Trump, also from Twitter, thanked West for his visit to Trump Tower in Manhattan. That visit generated much controversy in the media, many criticized the President-elect for talking to celebrities and not attending to the real problems of the country.

West hinted from Twitter that he will run for president in 2024, before saying he would do so in 2020. He probably postponed that decision because of his mental health problems that affect him.

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