Watching the coming and goings at Trump Tower is keeping members of the media very busy these days. But when Kanye West walked into to the tower that harbors the Trump residence early Tuesday morning, the event turned heads. What possible business can West have with Donald Trump?

That is the big mystery question this morning. Shortly after making his way up the elevator, West emerged in the lobby with Donald Trump. The two shook hands and parted ways, so it looks like the mystery meeting is still a mystery.


Kanye in Trump Towers

According to "Fox News" live on Tuesday morning, it was just a few minutes after 9 a.m. when Kanye West and his entourage sashayed their way through the lobby and into the elevator at Trump Towers. West, who has been in the headlines lately after suffering a breakdown and being hospitalized, has vocalized more than once his dream of running for president in 2020. The Fox anchors joked about the possibility he is there to get some pointers from Trump on how to do this.

'Secretary of Cool Stuff?'

They also joked that he may be up for the position of "Secretary of Cool Stuff!" Trump's visitor list is not typical of a president-elect, but West's presence did raise some eyebrows today. Much like Trump, Kanye is a controversial public figure, but he's gone much further than Trump ever did in the department of controversy. West's delusions of grandeur are well documented and there's no debate about who thinks more than themselves, West or Trump. West wins hands down!


Inauguration gig?

The Daily Mail suggests that Kanye might be meeting with Trump over performing at the inauguration. West was followed by his entourage and a videographer. It was not known just who West would sit down with in this meeting, but that question was answered when Trump walked him out of the tower.

Some thought West would meet with a member of Trump's team because Trump is so busy these days. For those who follow West it was hard to believe that the rapper would go to Trump Towers to sit down with anyone else but the man himself and that's was the case! Just seeing West at Trump Towers today offers even more of a surprise than any of the other past visitors to the president elect.

Rap's biggest name

The Daily Mail suggests Kanye West bringing one of rap's biggest names to the inauguration would be a hit for Trump. What is known is that Trump is in the process of rounding up talent to perform for his big night when he becomes the 45th president of the nation. Who he will tag for that talent is unknown, but West's presence today has given the public some idea!

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