Kanye West revealed the real reason why he scheduled a meeting with Donald Trump on Tuesday. The rapper was seen walking through Trump Tower to see the President-elect. At first nothing much was disclosed about what their discussion was about...only Trump saying they're "just friends" and talked about "life." West told reporters he wanted a photo with Trump.

Kanye's goal while Trump is President

Kanye West reportedly flew to New York to find a go-to psychiatrist on the east coast, according to TMZ.

He was accompanied on the flight by his medical team from the west coast who are looking after him since his involuntary psychiatric hold for eight days at a hospital in L.A. No one knew he was planning to meet with Donald Trump while he was in town.

As reported by TMZ, Kanye did meet with Trump to talk about "life," but the next meeting will be to seriously address the violence in Chicago. He says he's concerned about the epic breakouts in violence around the city and wants to help promote peace on the streets.

The musician wanted to make it known that he's in good with Trump and is eager to work with the next President in helping Chicago recover from its epidemic of deadly violence.

Kanye West and Donald Trump have been friends for a long time. The pair set the tone for future interactions over well-meaning causes.

President-elect gave rapper the 'all-clear'

It was noted in another report that Kanye was given the all-clear by Secret Service after Donald Trump declared he wasn't a security threat -- referencing the rapper's mental health state.

Most who were under psychiatric care would be considered a potential threat to a sitting or incoming U.S. president.

There are also rumors that West is conning the public with the mental breakdown situation. It all seems authentic, but considering the great lengths he and the Kardashians go for a little extra publicity, it's attracted a little scrutiny.

As for Kanye West performing at Donald Trump's inauguration, the subject allegedly wasn't addressed in their meeting.

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