It looks like Kanye West has gone blond as he stepped out for his first public outing since his release from the hospital last week after having a serious psychological breakdown. He was spotted at "Rick Owens: Furniture" exhibit in a West Hollywood museum. The picture posted online shows West sitting on a museum chair at the MOCA Pacific Design Center.

Kanye out and about alone?

What really happened to West isn't officially known, as the rumors came fast and furious after he was taken out of his home, hand-cuffed to a stretcher.

The latest reports had Kanye suffering from psychological problems stemming from his wife's robbery at gunpoint, for which he was prescribed medication. His breakdown came as a result of taking that medication irregularity, according to reports cited in The Huffington Post.

Separate living quarters

Kayne came home from the hospital, but reports have him living in a separate dwelling from Kim Kardashian and their kids.

His mental state was so unpredictable, that having him around the kids just wasn't an option for Kim, according to In Touch Weekly.

Kanye was as shaken up as Kim over Paris heist

It seems that the robbery Kim experienced at gunpoint in Paris a few months back has also done a number on Kanye.

Sources say he was just as shaken and frazzled from the incident as Kim, even though he wasn't with her in Paris at the time.

Divorce...not happening

Another rumor that Kim is seeking a divorce from Kanye is also swirling around online. She has been miserable for some time now and Kanye had no idea that Kim was at the point of talking to lawyers, or so say the rumors. There's no pictures posted of Kanye with anyone at the museum, so it appears he went alone.

What is reported about his outing is that he went to the museum and details didn't come along with this. Nothing was mentioned about Kim and the kids tagging along.

Low-key welcome home for Kanye

The family got together to welcome Kanye home from the hospital by throwing a party, or "a low-keyed celebration," as In Touch reports. Still the divorce rumors continue and they've gotten to the point that the Kardashian family felt a need to nip it in the bud:

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