Kanye West was out and about and was in New York on Tuesday, December 13. He flew from Los Angeles to New York City to visit with President-elect Donald Trump. The rapper was seen with his bodyguards walking into Trump Tower. He appeared to have been in good health. At least, he was smiling instead of ranting. He wore black sweatpants and a black sweatshirt and white sneakers. A major difference in his appearance was that Kanye was also sporting blond hair.

Trump and West

Trump just so happened to have had a cancellation on his schedule and was available to see West.

According to Trump's transition spokeswoman Hope Hicks, West had requested a 15-minute meeting with President-elect Trump. It is interesting that the Secret Service had no problem allowing the rapper to get close to Trump because they didn't think he posed a threat. When the next president spoke to reporters, he called the rapper a good man and said they had been friends for a long time. During a rant at his last concert, Kanye acknowledged that he did not vote at all, but if he had voted it would have been for Trump.

Meeting details

Many people are wondering what the meeting was about, but as of now, nobody knows. West ignored questions from reporters about any details. When the two men departed, Trump told West to take care of himself and said he would see him soon. The meeting could have been about the hip-hop singer performing at the inauguration on January 20. West had a videographer with him. Therefore, there is no doubt that one of the two men will tweet about it or let the cat out the bag one way or another.

Posed for photos

After their brief meeting, the real estate mogul and the fashion mogul posed together for photos. Trump, 70, and West, 39, shook hands and hugged. Both men were seen smiling in the photos. That's something Kanye rarely does.

The meeting took place nearly two weeks after the singer was released from the UCLA Medical Center. He spent nine days there to be watched because of exhaustion, stress over his wife's Paris robbery, and the anniversary of his mother's death.

His Saint Pablo tour was canceled because of the singer's health issues. Stay tuned to find out more about the Trump-West meeting.

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