Justin Bieber had a stressful year, ranging from a feud with his on-again, off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez to a seemingly endless list of performances for his Purpose World Tour. How did he release that stress and channel his inner happy dude? Justin allegedly enjoyed himself by throwing a wild Christmas bash, inviting what the National Enquirer described as "many of Hollywood’s most beautiful girls."

Biebs believes in celebrating Xmas with sexy versions of Santa's helpers?

Justin Bieber asked that the sexy ladies "dress up" for the holiday celebration, reported the media outlet, which translated the women's attire as meaning "they barely wore anything, prancing around like Santa’s little helpers in skimpy, holiday-themed bras and lingerie." Describing the party as a "sex-drenched bash," the report also revealed that Justin held the party at his Toluca Lake pad.

And if Santa Claus was watching, his already rosy cheeks probably looked a brighter red than Rudolph’s famous nose.

Lingerie-clad ladies get naughty gifts from Justin Bieber

Playing Santa Claus himself, Justin Bieber reportedly gave the scantily clad girls some nice but naughty presents, ranging from lingerie, to sex toys, to sensual oils. The prince of pop music also allegedly stuffed the lucky ladies' stockings with "jaw-dropping sex toys," according to the media outlet, which also revealed that Bieber even had a huge "Sexy Santa Quiz" wheel. The wheel reportedly featured "kinky questions" that his guests could answer for even more naughty prizes.

Biebs plays Santa Claus

Just to top off the holiday ho-ho-ho's, Justin Bieber went all-out to establish a holly-jolly atmosphere by sporting a Santa Claus hat for a festive touch.

While he doesn't exactly look like Saint Nick (the Biebs needs to gain some weight in order to qualify as a look-alike Santa), the singer still made an impression, according to the media outlet.

The girls reportedly "went wild," battling one another in order to hop onto Justin's lap.

And just like the Santa Claus in the department store (except that he's a much cuter version), the Biebs asked each of the hot ladies whether she had been naught or nice, questioning, "Have YOU been a naughty grrrl?"

But is the prince of pop's party fact or fiction?

However, Gossip Cop isn't quite so impressed with the story, telling readers that Justin Bieber did not have a holiday party with "strippers." The media outlet denied that a "sex-fueled party" took place, while not denying that the Biebs did have a holiday bash with some hot ladies and a Santa hat.

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