Much to the chagrin of Donald Trump and his legal team, the president-elect will be forced to take part in a deposition next month at Trump Tower. Trump's attorneys attempted to have the deposition either canceled or limited, but a district judge has denied their request.

Trump trouble

Prior to announcing his campaign for president in the June 2015, Donald Trump agreed to a deal with celebrity chef Jose Andreas. The deal involved a restaurant to be built inside the Trump International Hotel located in Washington, D.C.

As Trump's campaign kicked off, Andreas wanted no part of the billionaire real estate mogul's business plans due to the controversial nature of his rhetoric. In response, Trump-owned companies filed a lawsuit against opposing firms owned by Andreas, claiming a breach of contract. A deposition was scheduled for January, but the president-elect's legal team attempted to have it moved due to his duties as president-elect. As reported by CNN on December 14, Trump's request was denied.

Judge Jennifer A.

Di Toro out of the DC Superior Court has denied Trump's request to avoid a deposition. Di Tore ruled that the former host of "The Apprentice" must appear for a deposition that could last as long as seven hours, which will take place at Trump Tower during the first week in January.

In response to the news, Jose Andreas spoke out on his offical Twitter account and asked if both sides could settle by donating to Veterans' charities.

As of press time, Donald Trump has not offered a statement on the issue at hand.

Lawsuit history

While Donald Trump might have a long day ahead of him at the start of next year, the president-elect dodged two bullets when it comes to potential legal action. One of the biggest stories of the election was the Trump University fraud case where 5,000 former students claimed they were scammed out of as much as $35,000 each.

Last month, Trump was able to avoid trial by settling for $25 million. In addition, he was also facing a child rape case, filed by a victim known as "Jane Doe" who claimed that the president-elect, along with convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein, raped her when she was 13-years-old in the summer of 1994. The case was set to begin this month, but the victim dropped the charges after reportedly receiving death threats.

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