Joshua Jackson appeared on "Ellen" to discuss his hit Showtime series "The Affair" which is currently airing its third season, along with a few other juicy topics. Leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to get right down to business, asking Jackson how he feels about maybe doing a "Dawson's Creek" reboot, something similar to the recent "Gilmore Girls" or "Fuller House" reboots on Netflix.

'Dawson's Creek' reboot, fans say yes, Joshua Jackson unsure

Joshua, who played that adorable, mischief-stirring Pacy on "DC" revealed why he believes that a reboot of the still popular series would be a bad idea.

Jackson claims he feels a reboot would disappoint fans for a couple of reasons. One, Jen, played by Michelle Williams died during the series finale, so that is out of the question. Secondly, Jackson claims that the cast is all so much older now, so fans may be shocked to see them reappear as full-fledged middle-aged adults instead of the cute, young and innocent, (well, mostly innocent) group that they once were.

"We're holding up OK, but I think if you put the four of us up now to the four of us then it may be a little shocking." Holding up OK? Who is he kidding, they all look fantastic, and if you haven't checked out Jackson in "The Affair" yet, do so -- you are in for a tasty treat of eye candy!

More TV reboots?

Ellen, however, believes it would be a great idea to get Pacy, Joey and Dawson back together and urged Joshua to "make it happen." If Jackson is not interested in a full-time "Dawson's Creek" reboot gig, then we are sure fans would love something along the lines of the new "Gilmore Girls" or "Fuller House" reboots with re-occurring guest spots.

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While we are at it let's do a "One Tree Hill" reboot too!

Who doesn't still love these past teen soapy dramas? But, for now let's talk Joshua Jackson in "The Affair," it is for sure a more grown-up show and for sure worth watching! Great plots, and worth tuning in just for Jackson's steamy scenes.

"The Affair" airs Sunday nights on Showtime. What are your thoughts, are you into these older show reboots, or do you believe they should be left in the past and used for many, many hours of binge-watching and reminiscing?

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