There is big news out for “Bachelor in Paradise” fans as another couple from Season 3 has reportedly called it quits. According to Reality Steve, Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton have broken up. This may come as a pretty big shocker considering that the two had just posted on social media about being together, but the franchise gossip guru says that an official announcement is on the way.

The 'Bachelor in Paradise' duo reportedly split recently

Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray got engaged during the Season 3 finale of “Bachelor in Paradise” and he has been living with her and her girls in California since the show was airing.

They spent time with his family over Thanksgiving and hit up an event Monday night to celebrate fellow franchise cast member Becca Tilley in her new blog launch.

Despite all of that, Reality Steve teases that Amanda and Josh have broken up and they are trying to figure out how to announce it. In addition, the gossip king says that Murray has moved out of Stanton's place and is currently staying in a hotel and that the “Bachelor in Paradise” split has been a long time coming.

Josh and Amanda faced a lot of rumors about a split throughout the course of their relationship, but things had died down a bit on this front in recent weeks. Ultimately, however, Reality Steve says that all of their supposed issues just become too much for the pair to overcome.

He adds that he's heard they've already split several times in the months since getting engaged, but they always reunited until now.

What's the status on the other two 'Bachelor in Paradise' pairs?

This is the second “Bachelor in Paradise” couple to split in recent days, as Grant Kemp and Lace Morris confirmed the end of their relationship right after Thanksgiving.

Carly Waddell and Evan Bass are still together, and they even recently teased that they had been talking about a wedding date. Fans will have to wait a bit to see if those two stay together, but so far, they seem to be doing well.

Will Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton come out with an official confirmation of their split soon now that Reality Steve has broken the news?

Is it possible that this “Bachelor in Paradise” pair can find a way to reconcile, or is this the end for them once and for all?

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