Christmas, 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the unsolved JonBenet Ramsey murder, and lots of new and conflicting information promises to solve the 1996 Boulder, Colorado Crime. 20/20 will do a special episode on JonBenet's murder on December 16. A never-before-seen police video shows some odd new evidence. A possible retest of DNA worries convicted pedophile John Mark Karr, and may worry others. And a member of the grand jury that voted to indict John and Patsy Ramsey will finally open up on why it was dropped and the beauty queen's parents cleared in 2008.

Newly discovered JonBenet Ramsey murder video puzzles

A newly discovered police video shows unexplained evidence. Radar Online shared a video walk-through of the house just after JonBenet's dead body was found in the basement, bludgeoned, bound, and gagged with a complicated homemade garrote. The home is picture perfect and immaculately decorated for Christmas except for the front door which is gouged and damaged. Could this prove John Ramsey's intruder theory? Contradictory evidence is a check for $7,000, in plain sight, made out to John Ramsey. Patsy Ramsey found a ransom note for JonBenet before the body was found. Why would kidnappers or thieves leave this behind?

Child molester watched JonBenet die?

JonBenet Ramsey was raped and John Mark Karr, a convicted pedophile and former elementary school teacher, admitted to being with the child pageant star the night she died. Originally he confessed to killing her. Karr changed it to say her death was an accident that he saw happen but didn't cause.

He staged her death to look like murder purposely to get police off course. Police examined Karr's DNA and said he wasn't involved, and was making it up. Karr boasted on his website that his DNA wasn't found because incompetent Boulder police missed it. When the FBI investigates the DNA is when he'll begin to worry.

John, Patsy, and Burke Ramsey wrongly indicted, or cleared?

A grand jury voted to indict John Ramsey and his now-deceased wife in their child's murder. The prosecutor overturned the decision due to lack of compelling evidence. In 2008, the parents were officially cleared. 9-year-old Burke Ramsey was suspected but not on any conclusive evidence. His parents hid him, he liked pineapple (fruit was found on the table and in JonBenet's stomach), and his bat was found outside. He also accidentally hit her with a golf club, but that's about it. He gave testimony months ago, claiming zero involvement or knowledge of how his sister died. A member of that grand jury will speak on 20/20 on the December 16 episode of the television news show and explain how evidence, hidden for 20 years, would indicate the murderer.

The jury member plans to name that person and solve the crime that has haunted America for two decades. Will JonBenet Ramsey finally get justice?

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