Eagles longsnapper Jon Dorenbos performed some incredible magic throughout his time on "America's Got Talent." The show brought him back for the December 19th Christmas special but he did not perform on stage. Instead, the magician performed some magic for his teammates in the locker room. "America's Got Talent" televised the close up magic for its audience anyway. What America got to see was some an incredible card trick that featured a wonderful Christmas story throughout.

A Christmas Themed Card Trick in the Locker Room.

Jon Dorenbos likely didn't have as much time to prepare for his trick while the NFL season was going on. Still, Dorenbos managed to deliver an impressive trick with just a few cards. I highly recommend checking out the trick below if you haven't seen the entire thing yet.

It's even more impressive when you realize that the magic that Dorenbos performed happened right in front of your eyes. How did he manage to do all of that when you could watch him so closely?

Penn and Teller can tell you that the art of close up magic is tricky and difficult to perform. Even Matt Franco would have to acknowledge that this type of act requires a ton of skill even if it isn't quite as flashy as some of the other acts that can be performed on stage.

And the Christmas theme was fantastic as well! Dorenbos made the performance even more memorable by creating a story directly related to Christmas.

He even dressed up as Santa for the occasion to fit the entire theme, something that Penn and Teller and Piff the Magic Dragon did as well.

Who Was the Best Magician on the Christmas Special?

Jon Dorenbos was at a significant disadvantage because he was performing in the Eagles locker room. Matt Franco could play up to an audience and capture their attention. Dorenbos had just a few people around him to impress.

Still, the viewers at home of "America's Got Talent" should have been able to recognize just how awesome the act was. Penn and Teller failed to impress me with an act that was a little bit boring. If I had to rank the three, here's how I would.

  • Matt Franco
  • Jon Dorenbos
  • Penn and Teller and Piff the Magic Dragon

Now all America can do is wait for Jon Dorenbos to finish his NFL season before they receive any more magic from the NFL star.

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