Last season of "Counting On" showed Jinger Duggar in white and Jeremy Vuolo in tears. The newlyweds married in Arkansas, and their loved ones witnessed the beautiful union on November 5, 2016. As the couple travelled to Australia for their honeymoon, fans believed Duggar would announce her pregnancy at any moment. While her sister, Jessa Seewald, detailed her second pregnancy for the masses, people assumed friendly competition would ensue. But another sister stole the spotlight. Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, shared some good tidings.

They're pregnant, too! In response, Vuolo uploaded a video in support of the glowing parents.

Bundles of joy

Seewald posted cute updates about her second baby in utero. Her heart-warming photos touched thousands, and Dillard took notes. She always dreamt of raising an expansive family, and her wish came true after months of failed attempts. In an interview with TLC, she expressed her thoughts. She said: "We were really excited when we found out that we were expecting. Um, and I had been through, like, tons of pregnancy tests....I was so excited." Her son, Israel, was born in April of 2015.

After his debut, the missionaries wanted more children. Since both Seewald and Dillard shared their merry news, eyes refocused on Duggar, Vuolo, and when they might be next.

On-camera congratulations

Before Duggar and Vuolo expand, they taped a sweet message for the Dillard's. The one-minute clip was an endearing tribute to the parents, and devotees swooned. In a Yahoo! News report, Duggar expressed, "We're so excited for you guys!

Hope that the transition is an easy one for you guys and for Israel and he doesn't get too jealous." The cozy lovebirds sounded ecstatic for their family! New life is always cause for celebration within the patriarchy, and contraceptives are always discouraged. As Seewald and Dillard prepped for their respective infants, the Vuolo's basked in marital bliss. Their marriage commenced last month, so the newlyweds deserved some downtime before the pregnancy rumors heightened.

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