Jessa Duggar is known for being one of the more outspoken Duggar family members. She makes no apologies for her beliefs, even when they offend or anger fans. Viewers who watch "Counting On" know the family is incredibly religious, making their viewpoints controversial at times. This should not be surprising at all.

Jessa Duggar promotes 'Fixer Upper'

There has been some controversy with the show, "Fixer Upper." Chip and Joanna Gaines have come under fire for their viewpoints on homosexuality and gay marriage.

While they have not said anything that would outright offend anyone, they belong to a very conservative mega-church where they live. Jessa Duggar has coyly shown support and unity with the couple by posting an Instagram photo of Spurgeon watching the show. According to the Hollywood Gossip, this has angered fans of Jessa Duggar.

True Duggar fans have been speaking out in favor of Jessa Duggar. She has been very transparent in her beliefs and while they may not align with the mainstream public, she is not going to apologize for what she believes in.

The entire Duggar family is incredibly conservative, supporting pro-life events and anti-gay rallies. While Jessa has not come out and bashed homosexuals, she is sending a very clear message on where she stands.

Does Ben Seewald stand with Jessa Duggar?

Ben Seewald has come out as more liberal than any of the Duggar family members. He stood in support of the "Black Lives Matter" movement, even catching criticism from his in-laws for it.

There have been rumors that this will start issues within his marriage to Jessa Duggar but she seems to still support her husband. Had the issues he stood up for been more of a biblical sense, there may have been issues. Instead, Seewald is fighting for basic human rights and equal treatment.

The entire Duggar family has faced plenty of scrutiny and will continue to deal with it as long as they remain in the spotlight.

Jessa and Ben are expecting their second child in just a few weeks and they are excited to be expanding their family. This will blow over soon, and no one will remember it in a few weeks.

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