Cindy Stowell's upcoming appearance on the December 13th episode of "Jeopardy!" is sure to be a memorable one. The former science content developer from Austin, Texas passed away Monday after a hard-fought battle against cancer. In a statement released by her boyfriend Jason Hess, brother Greg and mother Carole, the group of loved ones stated that Stowell came on the show to play the game she loved so much. In doing so, Stowell was able to donate her winnings to the Cancer Research Institute in honor of her name.

Hess also tweeted that his girlfriend was struggling with a high-grade fever (later learned to be due to a blood infection) and was on painkillers during taping of the show.

Leaving behind a legacy

After passing the initial online contestant test earlier this year, Stowell divulged the serious nature of her health to a "Jeopardy!" staffer. In a message, the 41-year-old contestant asked if they had any idea how long it generally took between an in-person interview and taping date because she had just found she had approximately six months to live.

Stowell went on to say, if there was a chance she could be in taped episodes of "Jeopardy!" her winnings will to go charities involving cancer research. The show's staff gave Stowell the green light to attend her Oklahoma City audition and with the promise that if selected to compete, they would book her appearance as quickly as possible. Cindy Stowell's appearance was taped on August 31st.

Opponents were not aware of sickness

Only a select few of "Jeopardy!" staffers, including host Alex Trebek, knew of Stowell's illness. Trebek confirmed in a statement released Wednesday to The Post that Stowell passed way December 5th. He added that everyone at "Jeopardy!" offers their condolences and best wishes to family and friends. Alison Shapiro, "Jeopardy!" Director of Communications told CNN that she is not aware of any contestant who died prior to an episode's first airing.

This will be the first posthumous airing in the long-running game show's history.

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