A Jeopardy!" contestant died on Monday, December 5, 2016. That was eight days before the episode featuring the 41-year-old cancer patient is scheduled to air on Tuesday, December 13. Other contestants did not know their competitor, Cindy Stowell, was battling Stage 4 cancer. However, "Jeopardy!" producers and host Alex Trebek were aware of the situation.

Cindy Stowell, cancer patient

It has been Cindy Stowell's dream to appear on the popular ABC's game show. She did fulfill her dream of being taped for the show, but she won't get to see herself as she answered questions along with the other two contestants.

The science content developer from Austin, Texas had a long battle with cancer, but she did not keep it a secret from producers and the host of "Jeopardy!"

Stowell took and passed the initial online test earlier this year. She revealed her illness to staffers before she moved on to the audition in Oklahoma City. She asked them about the time period between the audition and the taping because she knew she was dying. She shared with producers that doctors had predicted she had only six weeks to live. The cancer patient offered to give her slot to someone else if the show didn't think the taping would be done before her death. She also requested that her winnings should be donated to cancer charities in her honor.

Taped appearance

After Stowell's audition on August 31, she was selected to compete. Producers tried to schedule her appearance as soon as possible after the taping. They were able to book her three weeks after her audition. During the taping, only a few staffers and the host knew about her serious condition.

Trebek told CNN that the show was glad Cindy was able to compete even if she wouldn't get to see her appearance. Members of her family said they were glad she got to see her longtime dream come true.

Alison Shapiro, Director of Communications, indicated that this is the first time there has been a death between the taping and the airing of an episode.

Watch "Jeopardy!" on ABC on Tuesday, December 13 to see how much money Stowell won that will go to cancer research.

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