Jennifer Loez (47) and Drake (30) are dating. It all started on December 19 when the rapper rented the restaurant 'Delilah' in Los Angeles to entertain his friends, in that group was the Latin diva, who was very funny during the evening. From that moment the rumors of a possible romance between them did not stop, they say that they are only working together. Friends close to the couple assure that they prefer to protect their relationship because they have only recently known each other.


JLo is a beautiful 47-year-old woman, divorced, and mother of two children. Drake is a 30-year-old man who is succeeding in music, single, no kids. These differences did not stop them from starting a romance, since she has already dated younger men and he has been with very different women. Both have posted photos together on their respective Instagram accounts, suggesting that they are already a couple. It was learned that Lopez refused to give a concert to celebrate the arrival of the new year because she preferred to be with the rapper that night.


Jennifer Lopez's previous relationship was also with a younger man, Casper Smart, a 29-year-old dancer. They were together for four years and they separated because he cheated on her with another woman. He had been unfaithful on other occasions, but this time she got fed up and decided to throw him out of the mansion where they lived. Then, the Latin diva enjoyed her new life, besides, she was working hard and that kept her busy.

Drake had his most successful year in music, where he reached a net worth of $30 million, and his fame spread all over the world. In spite of so much work, the rapper also had time for love. He has dated the most beautiful women: Serena Williams (35), Taylor Swift (27), and Rihanna (28). The Barbadian beauty was a friend of JLo, whom she stopped following on Instagram since JLo started getting closer to Drake.

Everyone thought that the rapper and Rihanna were going to have a lasting romance, but that wasn't the case.

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