Jennifer Lawrence and Christ Pratt have already landed in South Korea, following the Los Angeles premiere of the "Passengers" movie. Blink and you could miss them in this whirlwind tour across the world to promote the movie. If you caught the pair looking cool on the Starship Avalon themed red carpet - it will boggle your mind to know that they landed in Seoul where they were presented with flowers not very long afterward.

The UK Daily Mail posted up some pictures of Jennifer Lawrence looking stunning in South Korea. Even though she was dressed for comfort, she managed to look cool and casual in her "scrunched up to the knees" joggers, black and white coat, and scarf.

And the Newsboy cap? Just awesome! The best part of her was her gorgeous smile she flashed as she gracefully accepted flowers from South Korean well-wishers.

37-year-old "Passengers" co-star Chris Pratt looked yummy as he always does in his casual denims and bomber jacket. The lovely flowers that were presented to him added a swath of pastel colors to his ensemble.This was a huge contrast from the suits, ties and virginal white of the Los Angeles premiere just a few hours before.

Jennifer Lawrence Films posted up some photos of her arriving in South Korea on their Twitter account.

On 21 December the "Passengers" movie will be released in theaters and people can finally get to watch Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt awaken ninety years prematurely from their induced hibernation when something goes wrong in their interplanetary spacecraft.

The movie was mainly filmed in and around Atlanta, Georgia, USA. In South Korea though, they will have to wait a little longer as IMDb tells us that the movie will screen there on the 5th January 2017.

If you have not yet seen Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt acting in "Passengers," you can take a look at the trailer below.

This movie really does grip the imagination. Who doesn't love a bit of Sci-fi? Throw in the despair of being trapped inside a spacecraft, and preferably make your only other companion hunky (Chris) and beautifully sexy (Jennifer) and the ingredients produce a fascinating mix of emotions.

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