Jennifer Lawrence is apologizing after she received a backlash for what she initially thought was just a funny anecdote about a butt-scratching incident. But it wasn't so funny when Jennifer found herself fielding a backlash for what occurred at a sacred site in Hawaii, reported MSN.

Jennifer Lawrence's Hawaii sacred site story

Lawrence recounted the tale about how she scratched her own tail and quickly found out that what she had assumed was a light story was taken seriously. The actress' story centered on how she disturbed a sacred site during the filming of "The Hunger Games" in Hawaii.

It quickly earned more attention than when Kim Kardashian threw shade at Taylor Swift.

Turning to Facebook to issue her apology, Jennifer responded to the criticism.

Actress issues apology on social media

In her Facebook apology, Jennifer Lawrence revealed that she "meant absolutely no disrespect to the Hawaiian people." She went on to clarify that she had thought it was a "self-deprecating" story, emphasizing that she understood that the "way it was perceived was not funny," and focusing on her apology to anyone who felt upset by her comments. "I apologize if I offended anyone," summed up Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence backlash explained

People magazine explained why the backlash over Jennifer Lawrence's story occurred. Many native Hawaiians view some of the locations that the filmmakers used as having "great spiritual importance," the media outlet clarified.

Therefore, when the actress attempted to joke about scratching her rear with sacred Hawaiian stones during the filming of the famous film, she received a backlash to her attempt at a funny anecdote.

As to why those stones are viewed as "spiritually important," the media outlet told readers that the area where the film makers were shooting has "tremendous historical significance,"

Importance of 'indigenous rights'

In addition, People noted that the story has unveiled the "hot button issues" of "indigenous rights" in Hawaii, noting that some have felt "swamped" by "mainstream American culture."

Ultimately, for Jennifer Lawrence, the lesson of being cautious about making jokes seems to have been learned.

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