Barry Jekins film; Moonlight has been nominated for six categories in the forthcoming Golden Globe Award ceremony. The film comes second place in the Award nominations with La La Land beating it with seven categories nominations.

Since its reception, it has become the most acceptable LGBT film of all time that touches major aspects of the society. The Movie addresses issues like drug addiction, prison and defective parenthood. The movie portrays struggles and the desire to survive in a world where society hates minority groups.

Since its onset in cinemas, it has grossed a sum of $10 million dollars.

What is Moonlight movie like?

Chiron, the LGBT protagonist was raised by an abusive mother that was always taking it out on him. He grows up with Juan who was a crack dealer and who taught him him how to dance. Chiron's mother got so addictive to crack that she abused Chiron who was nicknamed "Little" by that time. Meanwhile, Chron amidst all the family issues had a friend Kelvin, whom he developed feelings for later on. Kelvin and Chiron would show themselves their organs as the film progresses.

Chiron runs away from home as an adolescent. However, he was still abused, harassed and taken advantage of by his peers. His mutual feelings for Kelvin grows fonder after they kiss each other. Kelvin also gives Chiron a mind blowing hand job. The movie then continues to where Chiron was arrested and taken to prison for beating up an adolescent. He was nicknamed "Black" in the prison. The film comes to an abrupt end with Kelvin and Chiron united together.

The movie lasts for 110 minutes.

Global reception of Moonlight movie

The movie has received worldwide acceptance and praises. On Rotten Tomatoes, it is rated 98% and on Metacritic it has a 99% rating. Hollywood's very own, David Rooney praised the cast performances and the general cinematography of the film. The film has won a lot of accolades which include: Boston Online Film Critic Association, Boston Independent Film Awards, Critics Choice Awards, Gotham Awards and so on.

With its nominations for the Golden Globe Award, the film has been nominated for six categories awards. The categories are:

  • Best movie (drama)
  • Best supporting actress (Naomie Harris)
  • Best actor (Mahershala Ali)
  • Best screen play (Barry Jekins)
  • Best director (Barry Jekins)
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