Another "Bachelor in Paradise" couple bites the dust. Just five months after getting engaged on "Bachelor in Paradise," single mom Amanda Stanton and her fiance Josh Murray have called off their engagement. Their break-up comes just a week after another couple from the most recent season of ABC's summer reality series — Lace Morris and Grant Kemp — ended their relationship.

For months, Josh and Amanda appeared to be the perfect couple, showing off cute pics with Amanda's two daughters and constantly posting about how in love they were.

Apparently their love story fizzled out and the social media posts didn't show that their relationship may not have been all sunshine and roses.

Amanda was warned about Josh while filming 'Bachelor in Paradise'

On Tuesday, blogger Reality Steve released an exclusive announcement that Amanda and Josh broke up, and while the couple hasn't issued a formal statement to the media, fans can expect it to come soon.

Steve states that they are probably trying to figure out what to say — and this time there are children involved, so it's a little more complicated.

"I heard she [Amanda] ended the engagement and Josh moved out and is staying at a hotel," Steve writes. "At this time they are figuring out the next step."

Fans who watched "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 3 probably aren't shocked that Amanda and Josh broke up, but why didn't she heed the warnings given by her co-stars?

After Josh's ex, former "Bachelorette" Andi Dorfman's book came out, many of Amanda's co-stars warned her about his temper — and again after Josh lost his cool during filming.

Contestants Lace Morris, and Nick Viall (the upcoming "Bachelor"), all talked to Amanda about Josh but she didn't seem to take their words into consideration. In addition, the Ferguson twins, who starred with Amanda on Ben's season of "The Bachelor" and on "Paradise" both told her that they were concerned about Josh's true intentions and worried about her future.

What happened between Amanda and Josh? Did Josh's temper cause issues between the two, or were they just not compatible once they got to know each other when the cameras weren't rolling?

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