It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas on ABC’s “General Hospital” and the residents of Port Charles are gearing up to spend the holiday with their loved ones. Of course, it just wouldn’t be special if there wasn’t any drama to go around. This year will be no different. The previews for Friday, December 23, show just a hint of what’s to come and it will prove to be yet another memorable time.

Christmas with Valentin

According to spoilers for Friday’s “General Hospital,” the newcomer of Port Charles will be inviting some guests over to spend Christmas with him at Wyndemere.

Valentin Cassadine is being his usual mysterious self by surprising Lulu and Dante Falconeri over to his place to spend some time with Charlotte. Lulu just found out that she has a daughter and is expected to fight for custody for her. Of course, Valentin seems to always have an agenda and is probably thinking that you need to keep your enemies close, so he goes out of his way to extend the invitation to the mother of his child and her family, including Laura.

This is definitely going to get interesting.

Nina has warned Valentin about what Lulu may do and she is not too keen on having her anywhere near Charlotte. Will there be more guests added to the list? There could also be an invite to Anna for her and Emma to spend the holiday at Wyndemere as well. Charlotte and Emma have become fast friends, so this could be a ploy to bring Anna there. Has Valentin got some sort of surprise waiting for them or is he just being a nice guy?

Franco and Liz, Kiki and Dillon

Franco will be spending Christmas with Elizabeth and her three boys and “General Hospital” spoilers say that he will be getting a tad bit emotional being there with them. He has fallen hard for Liz and now that Franco has had a revelation about his past and has vowed to be a better man, this year spent with his new family will be even more special. However, that could all be ruined if he should confess his dirty deed to Liz about caging up her rapist.

Kiki had just gotten a call from Franco making sure she was okay since Tom Baker got loose and she was quite emotional after hearing a conversation that Dillon and Valerie just had. She misunderstood everything, but things may be looking up for Kiki and Dillon. They may be spending some time together after all.

A mobster Christmas?

Yes, even mobsters and their families love the holidays. Carly will head over to visit with Sonny, but look for Nelle to crash the party as well. This will certainly make for an awkward time.

Will Carly catch on to what is happening between Sonny and Nelle?

Alexis is not happy to be spending the holidays with the husband who tried to kill her. Julian has moved in while he is recovering from being run over by his wife. Sam will feel bad that her mom is supposedly spending it alone, so she will suggest to Jason that they head over to pay her a visit. Or will someone else show up at her door instead? Christmas on "General Hospital" can be quite an experience. Hopefully, there will be some good cheer this year.

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