‘Nothing can pay for the sindoor and mangal sutra that Shivay made Anika wear,' were the words of dadi (Grand mom) as the Saturday’s episode of Star Plus show “Ishqbaaz” began with the high voltage drama and arguments at Oberoi mansion.

The royal family was in a fix because now it is revealed to the family that Shivaye married Anika and now it was the time to introduce Shivaye Singh Oberoi’s wife to the media.

December 5 (Monday) episode update

The episode begins with Shivaay introducing Tia but not Anika as his wife to the packed audience including the media as the shocked Anika looks on.

Dadi tells Shivaye value of marriage vows

While Shivaye was adamant of not accepting Anika as the wife but to compensate her for the favor, dadi gets upset and says that attributes of marriage like sindoor and mangal sutra are priceless, and nothing can buy them. She wants Shivaye to bring Anika as his bride to Oberoi Mansion as she was his wedded wife now.

Tej backs dadi's words and asks Shivaay to accept Anika as his wife, but Pinky defends her son and argues that Tej has his own business interest behind his words.

Now Shivaay's multi-million deal will get canceled and Tej will remain higher in business, and he wants her son to have extra-marital with Tia just as Tej himself had with

Anika gets very emotional and removes her wedding attire with wet eyes but keeps calm as she talks with Sahil about his boarding school.

Just then dadi and Shivaye come, and dadi asks her to come to her real home now which is Oberoi Mansion.

Anika tells grand mom about the pressure tactics Shivaay applied and forced her to marry him.

Dadi gets shocked but says this is what the Almighty wanted and thus they should accept their wedding.

Shivaye still doesn’t agree and tells that he did not believe in fate and this marriage. Anika also refuses to accept the forced bond with Shivaay. Dadi points to her mangal sutra and says that if the wedding did not mean anything to her then why did she not remove the mangal sutra with other jewelry.

Shivaye says if the mangal sutra is the reason then he will himself take it off and forwards his hand to remove the mangal sutra but dadi stops him and holds his hand.Coming episodes are going to more interesting and give audience larger swings as Shivaye will take Anika to his home.

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