Star Plus show “Ishaqbaaz” had another twist in the story line as Anika behind bride’s veil was revealed to the family soon after Shivaye wedded Anika forcedly.

Yesterday’s episode was the ‘Grih Pravesh’ of the newly married wife of Shivaye Singh Oberoi who is not Tia but Anika, but the truth remains taboo as she kept her face covered in a veil.

The family welcomes the couple, and the Grih Pravesh rituals are performed well despite Anika’s resistance that was put down by Shivaye forcefully. The family wanted to carry out all other rituals, but Shivaae refuses and Omkara senses something wrong and gets suspicious.

December 2nd episode:

The episode begins with Shivaay's mother about to slap Anika saying 'how dare you marry my son', Shivaay holds her hand and stops her from slapping her. He tells his mother that it was he who had told her to sit in place of Tia in the wedding mandap. Everyone in the Oberoi family gets angry on him for knowing all this. His mother cries and tells his that he himself had told her that he wanted to marry Tia and then he will sign a very big business deal.

Shivaay asked Anika to marry him after Tia runs away from the mandap

She asks him why did he do this, Sivaay then tells that he did all this for the sake of the prestige of his family. Other family members ask him what is the connection between the Oberoi family and he marrying Anika.

Then he say's that there is a strong connection and reveals Tia had run away from the mandap before the wedding, that's why Anika had to sit in place of her and marry him. Everyone is shocked to hear this in front of the amused Anika who is still in her wedding dress.

Shiva continues and says he had no option because all the media, politicians, business rivals, VVIP's and all other guests were already present in the marriage hall.

He continues and says under these circumstances if the wedding was canceled it would have been a big embarrassment for the Oberoi family.

Om doesn't agree with the proceedings and he objects to Shivaay's decision to marry Anika. Others try to calm the situation and say that nothing can be done at this moment as they are already married and moreover Anika has been lucky for Sivaay.

Everyone is still puzzled with why Tia ran away from the wedding hall.

Tia gets kidnapped.

At this moment, Shivay gets a call from Tia's mobile, and a male voice tells him that Tia is in their custody and if they all want to see her alive they have to pay ransom!

Shivaay marries Anika

Shivaye and Anika go to the room, and Anika insists on leaving for her home. Shivaye asks her to wait till everyone sleeps at home but Anika remains adamant. Shivaye again threatens her to obey his orders and remembers past moments with Anika.

Om sees the wedding pictures in his camera and notices a bracelet in brides a hand which is surely not Tia’s. He gets shocked as he zooms the image and take Rudra with him and goes to Shivaye’s room.

Om wishes Shivaye and asks for Anika, but Shivaye makes the excuse that she was changing.

Shivaye covers Anika’s face under the veil and asks her to go with the driver as it was very late. But she refuses, so she takes her with him, but family members stop them for some surprise.

The surprise is actually the ‘mooh Dikhai’ ritual which is planned by Omkara.

Shivaaye and Anika get shocked, but Shivaye keeps mum. Dadi wishes to see bride’s face first and bless her, but Anika doesn’t find it justified but keeps mum unhappily. Dadi removes the veil and gets shocked to see Anika instead of Tia.

The whole family gets upset and questions Shivaay about his decision. Pinki blames Anika for all this and calls her a middle-class girl with a selfish mentality. She tries to slap Anika, but Shivaay protects her.

How the lives of Shiavaye and Anika will be affected due to this forced marriage committed only to save the business and family reputation……..

interesting will be to see if Tia will be Killed

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