The yesterday's (December 19th) episode of "Ishqbaaz" TV show aired in India on Star Plus had ended with Daksha torturing Annika (surbhi chandna) and kidnapping her from right under the nose of her husband Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) and other members of the family from the Oberoi Mansion.

Tuesday, December 20th episode

Daksha has taken Anika to an unknown place and has tied her hands and is talking to her like a mad man. He tells her holding her hair that he still loves her while she cries in pain.

Now he wants to decorate her himself, like a real villain in films!

He threatens her that now she is going to die. Anika pleads him to let her go as she has a small disabled brother.

Meanwhile, Shivaay confirms with his sister and comes to know that Daksha had lied to him when he said he slept with Anika for one night and paid her a hefty amount of Rs 15 lakhs.

Shivaay regrets of hurting Anika

He is shocked beyond imagination on the way he behaved with Annika in the past. He remembers all that he said to her and collapses on the floor on his knees.

He sees Saahil crying for Anika.

Shivaay consoles him and assures him that he won't allow even a scratch on her and he will get her back.

He goes to Anika's room searching for her and finds her broken phone on the floor. At this time he gets a call from Daksha who is looking at his moments thru hidden CC Tv camera.

Shivaay is shocked to learn how Daksha knows what is he doing at the Oberoi Mansion.

Dakshya tries to kill Anika

He finally finds out that the camera has been fixed in Daksha's doll which is in Anika's room. Daksha removes the plaster covering Anika's mouth so that she can speak to Shivaye for the last time.

Daksha tells shivaay that Anika will be alive only for a few moments and that he will kill her.

Shivaay shouts at him over the phone and tells him that he will kill him if he does anything to Anika.

Anika runs to the TV screen and touches it where Shivaay is seen as he tells her that I am coming to save you Anika, be strong. He asks her which place has he kept her. At this time, Anika screams and tells into the microphone that its 'Old textile Mill'.

Shivaay rushes to rescue Annika

Shivaay takes his car races towards the old Mill as Daksha now places Anika into a glass water container and with a remote fills water into it. The episode ends.

Will Shivaay be able to save her in the next episode?

Stay tuned.

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