The Saturday, December 17th episode of "Ishqbaaz" aired on Star Plus in India starts with Anika telling her husband Shivaay not to believe Tia as she is up to some mischief. Anika tells him to trust her, but Shivaay says he doesn't trust her and would not make a mistake twice in life.

Anika asks him what did she do wrong that he doesn't trust her. Shivaay tells her that he knows her ugly truth. Anika asks why does he always keep taunting her as if she has committed a big sin. She insists he tell her what's there in his mind and share it. Shivaay says that she betrayed his trust, and she is a fallen and characterless girl.

In his house, only God knows what all she has done.

Shivaay accuses Annika of sleeping with Daksha

Shivaay tells her that she slept with his friend Daksha for one night. The shocked Anika asks him does he think she can do such a thing? Shivaay says she knows that she slept with him and also taken a good amount for the same. Rs 15 lakhs she took from Dakhsya and it is a big amount for a middle-class girl like her.

The angry Anika tries to slap him, but he holds her hand. The crying Anika tells him that all these day's he accused her of so many things, she didn't feel bad, but today he completely shattered her.

She adds that he had already seized her life by marrying her, the only thing that she now has is her self-respect and that too he took away today.

Sivaay stops her and asks her to stop this drama, and tells her that she is a call-girl who can be bought for money from the market as his friend did. This is her truth. That's' why he hates her and even by the thought of her.

Tia vows to take revenge on Anika

In the next scene, Tia is seen lighting the pier of the dead body of her ex-husband Robin.

She vows to take revenge on Anika because she thinks she is the reason for his death. She vows to destroy her by separating her from Shivaay.

Meanwhile, at the Oberoi Mansion, suddenly lights goes off in Anika's room while she is sitting on the sofa. A masked man pulls her leg from beneath in the dark.

Daksha hold Anika for ransom, scares her

The terrified Anika struggles to get out of his clutches. There is double trouble for Anika, it is Daksha in the mask and he catches her by the hair and drags her on the floor. He tells her he loved her very much and followed her wherever she went, but she married Shivaay.

Dakshya tells her that she even took off the ring that he had given her and squeezes her arm, Annika cries in pain. During this scuffle, Anika's phone rings. Dakshya angrily crushes the phone with his legs.

Anikaa then slaps him hard for this.

The episode ends with everyone at home searching for Anika.

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