"Ishqbaaz" aired on Star Plus in India Monday to Saturday at 10 pm IST, has now reached an interesting stage after the Oberoi Brothers got united.

Friday, December 16th episode

The Friday's episode again begins with an argument between Anika (Surbhi Chandra) and Tia (Navina Bole). Anika sees Tia going out of the house with a big bag in her hand and talking over the phone to someone. Her bag slips from her hand and falls spilling the things inside it.

They both start a big fight over the superiority over Shivaay and Tia finally tries to hit, and Anika holds her hand and squeezes it hard. Tia now wants to complain to Shivaay, but Annika tells her that she will not allow her to stay in the Oberoi Mansion because the people living there are very good.

Tia goes out swearing that she will soon teach Anika a lesson.

Tia goes to meet her ex-husband Robin

Tia is heard talking with her mother on the phone and telling her that it is their anniversary and she is going to meet her former husband, Robin. Tia tells her mother that she can't stop her from meeting her husband.

Later Anika tells Rudra and Omkara that Tia's character is something different and she is not the way she looks. She suggests they all follow her and catch her red-handed as she is going to meet Robin today. all agree to follow Tia, but for the last time.

Meanwhile, Shivaay tries to befriend Annika's disabled little brother Sahil. Shivaay had removed him from his old school and had shifted him to the city's most expensive school.

Tia finds Robin's dead body in the pool

In the next scene, Anika, Om and Rudra follow Tia's car and track her to a Spa resort, they all are shocked to see Tia coming out of the pool.Tia had already asked Robin to hide inside the pool after seeing Rudra.

Anika asks her what she is doing here alone in the pool.

the trio look if somebody is hiding in the pool. But don't find any. All three leave the place thinking Tia has come to the pool alone.

Tia goes back to the pool and calls Robin but to her disbelief she finds Robin's dead body floating in the swimming pool. She then reminds herself that while she was coming out of the pool, she had pushed Robin very hard and his head had banged the pool stairs.

In the next scene, the trio reached home and try to tell Shivaay that they had gone to Lonavala for some work and they happened to meet Tia and they didn't follow her.

Shivaay tells Anika that Tia had told informed her before going to the resort and there was no need to follow her. The episode ends with Shivaay instructing Annika to say sorry to Tia when she comes back home.

Shivaay and his real wife Anika

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