As reported by "Blasting News" a couple of days ago, the wife of Church of Scientology leader David Macavige whereabouts are in question. In late August or early September of 2005, she was suddenly gone after a major explosion of anger from David Miscavige. There was one sighting of her since in 2007.

Leah Remini's questions go unanswered

Leah Remini questioned the disappearance of Shelly Miscavige when it happened but it upset the higher ups in the church. Once she left the religion in 2013, however, she filed a missing person's report on Shelly Miscavige.

The Los Angeles Police Department claimed they made contact with the cult leader's wife and said the report was unfounded. Miss Remini was not notified of the findings.

Through her attorney, Leah Remini has filed a formal records request with the LAPD to get the details of their investigation of the missing person's report as well as the findings. On the heels of that, there is now a possible sighting being brought to light.

Could it be Shelly Miscavige?

According to "Jezebel," Tony Ortega, a long-time blogger of information regarding the controversial Church of Scientology, posted on his website that someone has come forward who is 90% sure she has seen Shelly Miscavige twice since last December.

There is a Scientology compound called Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) just a few miles away from a small, rural town named Crestline, CA. A local couple that is from the area believe they saw Shelly Miscavige at the local hardware store late last year. The description they gave was frail, gray hair, disheveled, resembling a homeless woman or a drug addict. The woman was being led by a couple of guys in their 30s.

She appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The second sighting was at a store very close to the hardware store. Again, the frail, gray-haired woman was being escorted by two younger men under similar circumstances. The couple who reported the sighting can't say if it was the same two men on each occasion.

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