Now that “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” has been unleashed on an unsuspecting galaxy, the question arises, is the movie worth seeing and does it have some kind of political subtext that many will find annoying? Opinions vary on both these issues, but Armond White, writing in the National Review, answers those questions with no and an exasperated yes.

The question over whether a movie is worth watching is a subjective one, for the most part. “Rogue One” is in no danger of not being a wildly profitable movie that will add to the already full to overflowing coffers of the Disney Company.


However, White finds an annoying subtext to the rebellion theme in the film. While, contrary to rumor, no overt reference to Donald Trump exists in “Rogue One,” he finds the movie a paean to the Occupy Wall Street generation. The catch phrase “rebellion is built on hope” White finds to be an explicit reference to “hope and change” the now betrayed slogan from the 2008 Barack Obama campaign.

The association may be over the heads of most audiences. Very few people know or would believe that the original trilogy was, at one time and in the mind of George Lucas, an indictment of America’s war in Vietnam.

“Revenge of the Sith” was interpreted by many to be a slam at President George W. Bush.

The association of the rebellion in “Star Wars” and Occupy Wall Street would seem to be a stretch. The rebels against the Empire are willing to fight and die to overthrow a tyrannical empire. The Occupy Wall Street crowd “rebelled” by setting up toxic waste rape camps in the middle of cities and complained about their student loans and the fact that they couldn’t find a job with their feminist studies degrees.

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The first one could at least think of as a science fiction version of the Patriots in the American Revolution or the resistance in Nazi-occupied Europe. The latter just confirmed the image of Millennials as indulged cry bullies who huddled in their safe spaces yammering about how unfair life is.

People are having meltdowns just because the country elected a rude, crude, but yet politically adroit real estate tycoon as president. One wonders how they would react if a real tyrant were to send storm troopers into the street.

If they wonder what that would be like, just look to Aleppo, the latest stain on the conscience of humanity.