It has been over 22 years since OJ Simpson went before a Los Angeles County Superior Court for the murder of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. The jury returning a verdict of innocent did not stop the civil court from awarding 33.5 million in damages to the family of the victims.

This case is still talked about and pondered by many. It remains just as controversial now as it was when it all happened. Everyone has a strong opinion of guilt or innocence based on the media coverage we have all been exposed to over the years.

Investigation Discovery channel is a true crime network. They have decided to do a docuseries titled "Is OJ Innocent? The Missing Evidence." Just as the name reflects, they claim to have more evidence to help finally solve this case. The now 69-year-old former professional football player possibly could have had help committing the murders or may not have been involved at all. Several experts will weigh in on the evidence that will be shown during the series.

What kind of new evidence?

The new evidence shows that there were two sets of footprints at the murder scene.

Blood evidence is found on the passenger side of OJ Simpson's well-known white Bronco. An expert will also show the viewers a knife that he believes to be the missing murder weapon. At the time of the investigation there were numerous searches for a knife that had been used in the attacks but it could never be located.

The show is six installments, and produced by Martin Sheen. When looking for a place to air it, there was a bidding war with all the major networks.

Investigation Discovery was the winner in the end and will air the show beginning January 15, 2017 at 9PM EST.

Sergeant Levasseur will host the show

For the "Big Brother" fans out there, BB16 winner Derrick Levasseur will be one of the hosts. He is a Police Sergeant and will bring his expertise to the show to collaborate with the other experts over the guilt or innocence of OJ Simpson. Martin Sheen is convinced that OJ Simpson is innocent as the jury found.

Word has it that staunch believers that he was actually guilty have had to change their opinion after seeing this docuseries.

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