Maci Bookout may have stormed off set during the "Teen Mom OG" season six reunion after declaring she's leaving, but the reality star may not be done with the MTV series after all. In a new tweet to fans, the mother of three set the record straight in regard to a recent rumor claiming she was done with the show and suggesting it was Farrah Abraham who led her to walk away.

"I have not 'announced that I am leaving ['Teen Mom OG']," Bookout confirmed to fans days ago.


According to Bookout, she hasn't announced her future exit from the series at this point, but as fans have seen on the show, she has grown extremely frustrated with production in recent years.

Maci Bookout threatened to quit after Farrah Abraham returned

Years ago, as "Teen Mom" resumed production as "Teen Mom OG," it was widely reported that Abraham would not be returning to the show. As fans will recall, Abraham starred in a sex tape years ago and because her career had taken an X-rated turn, producers were believed to have cut ties with her in an effort to deliver a more appropriate show.


However, after production began, Bookout was dealt news of her return and said she was done with the show.

Ultimately, Bookout chose to continue on with the series, but her relationship with Abraham has been strained ever since the scene aired. During the show, Bookout explained that she did not want her children associated with a project that also featured someone who had starred in an adult film.

Maci Bookout didn't want to work around Farrah Abraham's reunion schedule

While filming the reunion, Maci Bookout made it clear that she was not impressed with the fact that she and the other girls, including Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood, were forced to work around Abraham and her production demands.

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Although Bookout and her co-stars did their best to be timely, Bookout claimed Abraham wasn't nearly so courteous and because of that, she decided to cut her reunion filming time short, and after explaining her timing issues, she left the stage.

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