Tony Germinario is a film producer and screenwriter who is making his directorial debut via his latest film titled "Bad Frank" which premiered at the Action On Film Festival and claimed three awards. The movie also secured the title of Best Film at the Film Fest International in Milan, Italy. Writer and producer Tony Germinario grew up in New Jersey and studied both screenwriting and songwriting at Fairfield University. He has penned nine feature film scripts and numerous award-winning shorts, three of which ("Séance”, “Selling It”, and “In the Mourning”) have been lauded at the festival circuit.

Recently, he spoke about his movie industry career and what he hopes the future holds.


Blasting News (BN): How and when did you decide to start working with movies?

Tony Germinario (TG): The moment I looked at my then boss and realized what a tool he was. Seriously, it started when I was a kid. My dad and I connected over movies and that really started the spark for me.

BN: When you were growing up, what were your biggest influences?

TG: I go back as far as 8-tracks so that’s a loaded question.

Movies and music have been a constant for me, and I would watch or listen anyplace I could get it.

BN: How did you get interested in both producing and directing films?

TG: I didn’t want to wait around for someone else so I decided to do it on my own. I got a little money together and produced a few short scripts that I wrote. They got into a few festivals, and then won a few awards, and I just kept going.

I wrote and produced my first feature, “Wingman,” Inc., which came out last year and that led to making “Bad Frank.”

BN: What do you seek in a script before you decide to produce it?

TG: I seek a pen and paper as I only produce scripts that I write. But it’s about telling a compelling story. I’m a pretty reserved guy on the outside, but I’ve come up with some pretty messed up ideas for scripts (which I use to frighten my friends).

I find it pretty cathartic, really.

BN: How did you gain screenwriting experience?

TG: Practice. The first script I wrote was pretty awful but I kept at it. The next one not so much. The one after was a little better still. And so on. I also read a lot of scripts from the masters.

BN: At this point, which projects have you worked on and what are your favorites?

TG: I’ve done four short films, and two features, and have written a bunch of other scripts. Asking for a favorite is like asking if you have a favorite kid. I have three kids, so I have a great answer—they’re all my favorites!

BN: How did you come up with the idea for the "Bad Frank" movie?

TG: I almost never remember any dreams I have. Kind of freaky that way, but this was one I did. “Bad Frank” originated as a kidnap story and it just evolved from there.

BN: How did you get accepted into the Action On Film Festival?

TG: Through the Film Freeway website. Del and the folks at the festival were great. We entered. They liked it. The rest is history.


BN: What would you consider to be the project of your dreams?

TG: Deniro and Sarandon. In any type of film project. Except maybe porn. But that’s a maybe...

BN: What are the most rewarding aspects of working in the entertainment industry?

TG: I’ve met some extremely interesting people. But just having someone say they dig your stuff is pretty cool.

BN: What advice would you give to up-and-comers?

TG: Keep your eyes on the prize. There is a lot of stuff that can get in the way, but you just have to keep grinding. And don’t wait around for something to happen. Go make it happen.

BN: Would you like to mention anything else that will occur soon?

TG: Besides “Bad Frank” I’ve got two completed scripts that some pretty cool people are circling around right now, and two other scripts that are close to being done. I’m hoping to be very busy over the next couple of years.

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