Creature features are a staple brand of horror movies that were greatly popularized in the 1980s. However, some trends never die and in 2017, director Scott Frazelle plans to get to work on a new horror feature titled “Moggy Creatures” which comes full of well-designed little monsters. “Moggy Creatures” chronicles the lives of Michael and Anna, a couple who are struggling to rebuild their marriage. Michael is an actor and Anna is a photographer that have grown apart as they pursued their careers.

To escape the demands of Hollywood, they buy an old house in the country and then proceed to adopt a stray cat…that happens to be pregnant with some very unusual—and wicked—kittens. Currently “Moggy Creatures” is just a trailer, but if a Kickstarter campaign set for January is successful, the movie will be underway within the next couple of months. Sadie Katz is featured in the trailer and she was happy to discuss her experiences.


Blasting News (BN): What made you desire an acting career?

Sadie Katz (SK): I always wanted to act, I love the escapism involved with playing someone else.

It’s a constant roller coaster which is hugely addicting. It’s a terrific challenge when you get a character you fall in love with. It’s a hard life- career wise to be an indie actor. It’s either in your blood or you’d quit doing it because, truthfully, it doesn’t make any sense.

BN: Do you have favorite genres to star in?

SK: The horror community has been kind to me. I like playing bad guys. It’s a rush to be ugly and devious on camera.

You get to let out all the naughty stuff you have to hide in real life. We live in such a PC world so to let go in front of a hundred people on set is a head rush. It can be really empowering.

BN: How was Moggy Creatures pitched to you?

SK: Frazelle is a master prop maker who created the awesome creatures for the film. Everyone should go to the website and check them out. He told me he wanted to do a creature feature film with practical effects and very little CGI and the clincher...hairless cats!

I was a fan of “Cats Eye” and “Cujo.” It’s crazy no one has done the quintessential killer cat film. Cats are scary. There’s a unpredictable quality to them that makes them the perfect subject for a thriller. Before his pitch was over I was like, how can I get involved?

BN: How would you describe “Moggy Creatures”?

SK: “Gremlins” meets “Cujo” meets “Fatal Attraction” meets your worst freaking nightmare. I don’t want to get too serious about it as well because, it’s also a fun ride because... well it’s creepy cats.

BN: Is there anything personal about it? Does the director hate cats or something?

SK: I’ve read the short story it’s based on and there’s actually a bit of a love story about trying to make a marriage work and what it’s like to survive in Hollywood and keep your marriage together that gives the screenplay some gravity which is really cool because, he could have just written a flimsy script about cats. They can be cute and adorable but, even the biggest cat lover will tell you the reason cats are rad is because they have a mind of their own, which is what makes them the perfect villain in a horror film.


BN: What is happening next for you?

SK: Please keep your eyes open for “Blood Feast” by Marcel Walz and “State of Desolation” by Jim Towns.

Also, “Hybristophilia” and “The Night Shift” directed by Massimiliano Cerchi who did “Insane”.

BN: What can you say to aspiring actors in way of advice?

SK: Don’t give yourself a time limit. Don’t join the union right away. Ignore your IMDB score. Be a nice person. Learn to write. Make your own projects. Stop worrying about getting an agent and submit yourself for stuff on every site you can. You are a small business and almost all the money you make will go back into building yourself up. Also, watch all your films and be proud of your successes even if it’s “Bikini Babes From Mars”. After all, some other girl was crying that she didn’t get that part.

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