Actor Brendan Bradley trained at the Tisch School of the Arts and the Royal Academy in London and subsequently landed a role on TV as “The Staples Guy” in a series of popular commercials. From there, he branched out into bigger projects and is now set to appear in a forthcoming legal drama TV series by CBS titled “Doubt” as well as make an appearance in an episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” which airs on OWN. Both series air in early 2017 and are a great source of pride for Bradley who is also looking forward to playing a key role in a movie titled “In Vino” which is about the dysfunctional family of a billionaire.

Bradley is also active in web-series and is working with The Fine Brothers on their “YouTube Red Original” project. Bradley was happy to discusses his endeavors in entertainment.


Blasting News (BN): What initially inspired you to act?

Brendan Bradley (BB): It started at a community theater in North Carolina while acting in a play about South African apartheid. After each show, we had talk-backs with the audience to safely use the themes of the imaginary universe to have a conversation about social issues in the local community.

I was hooked.

BN: What sort of media do you watch in your free time?

BB: Scripted television, Instagram stories, virtual reality experiences, etc. As the line continues to blur between traditional and digital media, I'm inspired by artists who are challenging the kind of stories we tell and how we tell them.

BN: How did you land the role of the "Staples Guy"?

BB: That was just an everyday audition but then they kept bringing me back for the ole' song and dance (no, really, they made me sing and dance!) until finally I got the call that I was their "Guy".

BN: Overall, how many characters have you played?

BB: IMDb lists 83 film projects so let's go with that and ignore a lot of YouTube sketches and theater.

BN: How did you get involved with "Doubt"? What most interested you about the story?

BB: I owe everything to the casting director, Patrick Rush, who brought me in very early in the season. I really responded to the writing of the show but wasn't right for the specific character.

Normally, that would have been that, but Patrick kept bringing me back week after week until we found the right role.

BN: Can you tell us about the character you play?

BB: Hayden is a nervous young lawyer preparing for an Interview. He strikes up a conversation and confesses parts of his past that might come back to haunt him. It's a fun scene that comments on his entitlement and privilege.


BN: How did you get to work with well-known people such as Tyler Perry and the Fine Brothers?

BB: It varies. For actors, it's all about exposure. Sometimes that means auditioning for every possible role.

Other times it means creating your own work on places like YouTube. Sometimes, I volunteer for a table reads or short film parts and the phone rings three years later.

BN: What role would be a dream for you?

BB: I'd be excited to return to my theater craft, but for a digital, interactive audience like VR and Live Video. Any opportunity to create greater social awareness and dialogue through performance.

BN: Where do you envision your career being in a decade?

BB: Who knows? Ten years ago, I was in Off-Broadway theater and had one short film at Sundance. If you told me then that today I would be working full time in Los Angeles as a screen actor/writer/director/producer, I wouldn't believe it.

I hope to keep developing new stories using new techniques.

BN: Do you have any exciting projects forthcoming?

BB: Yes, the most ambitious project I've ever been a part of breaking international and technological barriers... but it's all top secret until late January!

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