Ringo Starr

On August 20, 1989 the former lead drummer for the Beatles life changed for the worst as he quit the iconic band. It wasn’t until the legendary drummer finished rehab later that year that he realized the seriousness of his problem. Alcohol and drugs acted as a type of comfort from the pain of being separated from his band mates. Starr recalls this time in a recent interview as “being lost in a haze of alcohol and drugs that got progressively worse.” From constant blackouts to extreme memory loss, life seemed to be going sour for the once famous drummer.

It wasn’t until he met his wife Barbara Batch that he realized that his habit wasn’t only affecting him, but their relationship as well.

It was Starr’s willingness to seek out help and safe his marriage that also allowed him to successfully begin his summer tour this past June. “Thank God I’m still here, coming out of it now a day at a time.” Starr’s story acts a prime example of how recognizing and addressing alcohol and Drug Abuse can enable anyone to turn their life around.

Lisa Marie Presley

The daughter of the legendary singer Elvis Presley has been plagued with alcohol and drug problems since she was very young. Presley describes her teenage years as being “ on self-destruct mode. It was very simple and not abnormal for what a teenager does. I just went on a rampage. I did everything but mushrooms and heroin. Those were two things I didn't take.

Thank God. Or crack. That wasn't really happening then.” The famous singer seemed to be following the doomed path of her father until she entered rehab in August this year.

The once troubled star that described her adolescence as full of turmoil and heartache had decided to take her life in a healthy direction.

Her actions serve as an example of how reaching out for help and admitting to a problem can alleviate even the worst of pains.

What can you do if you live with a drug abuser?

In the event that an abuser begins to induce life-threatening fear into those around you, contacting the local authorities is an option to defuse the situation.

It’s important to recognize that although the local authorities can temporarily alleviate the situation, they’re by no means a permanent solution! The only way this can occur is if the abuser finds help voluntarily or is forced to leave the household by the homeowner. Know that no matter the situation you’re enduring with a drug abuser, there are services out there willing to help them much like Presley and Starr. If you are or know a loved one who is living with a drug abuser, do not hesitate to contact one these services.

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