Fans of television shows "19 Kids and Counting" and "Counting On" know about the Duggar clan. Their documented opinions about birth control, sex, the LGBT community, abortion, and Christianity either appease or offend viewers. The sixth out of nineteen biological children, Jinger Duggar, recently married her husband Jeremy Vuolo. However, another romance overshadowed the wedding festivities. Teenager Joy-Anna Duggar is in an official courtship with 22-year-old Austin Forsyth, but her immaturity and inexperience sound alarms for many men and women.

Her strict parents, religious convictions, and trauma may hinder her personal growth, and a whirlwind dalliance could result in disaster.

2017 births, babies, and...marriage?

Jessa and Ben Seewald will welcome their newborn in February 2017. Jill and Derick Dillard want more children, but right now, their son, Israel, is still their only baby. After the Vuolo's returned from their honeymoon, people expect them to procreate quicker than rabbits. However, more wedding bells might ring for another pair.

According to two separate videos, the Seewald and Dillard couples are excited for Joy-Anna and Austin. According to magazine Refinery 29, Seewald says, "We're super happy for y'all, and we look forward to hanging out." Aside from their quick congratulations, the Dillard's also shared a similar sentiment on their own blog. Even Forsyth's parents include his girlfriend in some promotional pictures for their campground.

By Season 3, devotees should count on more ice-cream sundaes, parking-lot receptions, and awkward father-daughter chats.

Who is Austin Forsyth?

Before their public announcement, Duggar and Forsyth were friends for fifteen years. They cultivated their passion for the outdoors, and if Duggar exchanges vows with him, then they will reside in the country. The Fort Rock Family Camp & Retreat Center is owned and operated by the Forsyth's, and the intent is to repair familial bonds.

Even though this quartet is unrecognizable, their televised appearances began with an episode on reality series "World's Strictest Parents." If fame is Forsyth's primary motivation, then dating a Duggar is a match made in Heaven.

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