In the history of the ''Dragon Ball'' series, one of the things that fans have always done is compare the power, and power levels of the various characters that have appeared throughout the show's history. One of the things that many fans had hoped to see one day is Saiyajin Broly in his phase of Super Saiyajin Blue, that would make him a very evil villain with a high level of power and fighting ability, making something majestic, that has ultimately never been seen before. His physical appearance is something that many have thought to question, also, whether or not Goku and Vegeta could with an augmentative phase of energy, similar to the phase of Broly.


Remembering some things about Broly

But, when one re-reads all the data of each personage in the series, it could be said that Broly surpasses in a matter of seconds, annihilating any adversary with blue rays that would make a great hole in the Saiyajins. This means that Broly can be in the blue phase without losing all his energy and physical wear would not ultimately be a factor. But if you use the diamond in the middle of the necklace you can create an oval that catches your opponent, leaving him hypnotized and thus gain a great advantage to be able to rule on planet earth.

Earth was destroyed by Broly in 1982

Although it could only be in the imagination of each follower of the series and the different characters, the series does have an audience worldwide, since there are phases of this character called Broly that were not clarified, for not being part of the screenplay of Akira Toriyama. Although this creator makes it clear that when he gets to design and his mind begins firing on all cylinders, he really has a knack for coming up with interesting characters and story arcs, and the fans always respond when he does so.


Speaking of another topic that is of great importance to you readers, this week there is no episode of the series. It is certainly sad news for fans that always look forward to new episodes.

Note: this is just a hypothesis.