Chin Ho Kelly has adopted a singular focus on “Hawaii Five-0,” and it’s one that involves keeping his niece as far from harm’s way as humanly possible. It’s only now, however, that the lieutenant is starting to realise he overlooked the biggest threat of all – himself.

Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) vetted Sara’s aunt and uncle up, down, and sideways, but, as the midseason finale revealed, he needn’t have fret. Gabriel’s orphaned daughter would have remained perfectly safe in Mexico if it were not for Five-0’s stellar arrest record (a.k.a.

the task force's penchant for ticking off cartels the world over.) Now, Sara (Londyn Silzer) is in danger, and Chin is ready to brave hell and high water to bring her home in one piece.

Chin gambles his life on ‘Hawaii Five-0.'

Abducted by the Diego cartel, Sara’s life has become a pawn in her captors’ quest for revenge. Chin helped put the cartel’s leader in the ground earlier this year, and, as one might expect, the drug runners aren’t too pleased with the result of Five-0’s deadly shoot-out. To save his niece, Chin closed out the midseason finale in the blood-soaked hands of his enemies.

Chin’s fate remains unknown, but, according to Kim, his bold move was always a forgone decision.

In some ways, [family is] Chin's Achilles heel. He will sacrifice himself to protect the people he loves,” Kim told TV Guide. “We've seen him do it on the show before, and he does it again here. It's, in a sense, a blind spot of his.”

Can Chin save his niece? If he does, will Sara return to Hawaii? Viewers won’t have to wait long to find out.

‘Hawaii Five-0’ midseason premiere teasers

“Hawaii Five-0” will return to CBS on Jan. 6 and, when it does, Chin’s fate will be front and centre. Titled “Ka 'aelike (The Deal),” the upcoming episode will also reveal whether or not his heroics will earn him a place as Sara’s guardian.

I really hope so,” Kim said. “I think the young actress who plays Sara, a little girl by the name of Londyn Silzer, is fantastic.

She's such a pleasure to work with, and she brings such a great energy to the set, and I genuinely enjoy my scenes with her.”

Should a judge transfer custody to one of Oahu’s bravest? Find out when “Hawaii Five-0” airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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