Blake Shelton engagement rumors are swirling after Gwen Stefani was seen happily shopping at an upscale jewelry store in chic Beverly Hills, California. Are the lovebirds ready to tie the knot?

Radar Online revealed that speculation about Gwen and Blake has been heating up when it comes to their upcoming wedding, and it just took the sight of her in that made-for-romantic-gestures store to make those rumors soar.

Gwen Stefani prepping for wedding?

When Gwen was seen, she gave one of her sweetest smiles, but stayed coy about the reason for her jewelry store visit. However, Blake Shelton and his radiant rocker girlfriend have secretly been planning their wedding, and it's set for May 5 at a church in Beverly Hills.

But the wedding plans caused some indecision, a source told Radar Online.

Blake Shelton bickering over wedding theme?

That insider revealed the two can "hardly agree on anything!" And while Shelton wants an "informal affair," the source shared that Gwen Stefani is hoping to "go big" with a blowout wedding extravaganza. So is that going to cause trouble in the lovers' paradise?

Not if Shelton can help it, added the insider. Blake is not "willing to go to the mat" against Gwen, according to the source.

Lovebirds battle over wedding guest list!

Even the number of guests to their nuptials is causing a war, revealed the insider, whose description of the bickering between the two resembles a "Real Housewives" reunion rumble.

Gwen Stefani wants to go all-out big, with 700 people on her guest list and celebrity music stars performing. But that type of epic wedding day isn't in Blake's vision of the perfect ceremony.

"He didn't want to turn the wedding into Woodstock," summed up the insider.

Source claims they're 'starting to finalize' nuptials

However, an insider close to the couple told Us Weekly that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are "starting to finalize" their wedding plans. And a pal even insisted that Shelton, famed as a coach on "The Voice," and Stefani are hoping to marry before the New Year.

Gwen and Blake have even "met with vendors," said the first source, and finalizing their plans apparently includes gushing over each other. Shelton has said that he couldn't believe that gorgeous Gwen was willing to date him, while Stefani got gooey proclaiming Blake "an unexpected gift."

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