In the early events of Saiyajin Goku's childhood, one could appreciate the best that a child can have in his life. Beginning with going to school and then staying with his teacher Roshi to learn more about martial arts -- skills which he later used to defend planet earth from the villains that wanted to see the planet destroyed.

But in an alternate line you can see the he actually had a sister and her name was Ika, a Saiyan woman who dominated throughout the manga's history and the different role of the ''Dragon Ball Z'' series.


Imagine how the events of the entire series could have been entirely different if Goku's sister had been the starring character in fights, as well as in the martial arts tournament.

What did the creator say?

According to the creator of the character, at the beginning of the story, she could have easily been the most powerful woman of the planet earth and the 12 universes -- such that not even Goku could have defeated this powerful character. At the time, this could also have been seen as a statement -- having a strong, independent, and powerful female character capable of challenging and surpassing her male counterparts would have been a poignant commentary at the time, even relevant today.

For some historians of the series, the female Saiyajin Ika had celestial powers that were used to create Bardock.

It is also interesting to imagine a character with the power and the capability to rival and surpass some of the characters that fans of the series have grown so accustomed to watching, including Prince Vegeta, Goku, and Raditz.

In another future

In another line of the future there was the rumor that she became a malevolent Saiyan woman with the features of her father. However, she discharged all her inner rage to assassinate any and all potential rivals that stood in her way, allowing her to continue on as queen in the future.

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Some followers still have hopes that their creator, Akira Toriyama, may involve her in the new saga.

Note: This information is a hypothesis.