Gogglebox reality television star Scarlett Moffatt debuted wow-worthy weight loss and went on to further glory as Britain's "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!" Queen of the Jungle. All the fame lost the lass a boyfriend but also found her a new beau--the love of her life--Luke Crodden. Miss Moffatt celebrated her losses and wins with a dramatic bobbed haircut named after the show's medic, Dr. Bob McCarron.

Scarlett Moffatt gains weight and boyfriend

The British reality show star rose to fame on the popular show "Gogglebox." Viewers watch TV with families and listen in on their reactions. It's a "meta-celebrity" show in which ordinary folk become celebrities by following celebs.

The qualification for "Gogglebox" is a lot of avid television viewing by couch potatoes. Moffatt's body didn't take kindly to all that sitting around and the young lady began to put on weight. At her heaviest, the petite 5-foot star weighed almost 160 pounds which put her BMI (body mass index) in the obesity range. The star began dating Ian Billett who liked her just the size she was.

Scarlett Moffat loses weight, Ian Billett

After the UK star went on "I'm a Celebrity" her fame rose. The reality show puts famous folk down in the Australian bush to fend for themselves. Scarlett Sigourney Moffatt (to use her full stage name) took home the crown for season 16 after beating out other contestants in wilderness survival.

The popular reality TV personality became even more popular and this was too much for the boyfriend. He wasn't jealous and her weight gain didn't bug him, claimed Billett in an interview. The pair were just going in different directions, career-wise. Scarlett didn't take it well, he says.

Scarlett Moffatt gets makeover, new beau

Moffatt didn't realize how much weight she had put on as she never weighed herself. She was shocked to see how the pounds had crept up. The 26-year-old reality television star decided to lose weight and did. She took off three stone (42 pounds) in just a few months.

The young woman dropped from a size 16 to a size 10 by making small diet changes. Moffatt started dating her new boyfriend, a hairdresser named Luke Crodden recently. The couple wants to spend their lives together and have already picked out baby names.

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