Ever since Donald Trump became president following his upset win over Hillary Clinton, he's only increased his presence on social media. After the president-elect tweeted about expanding the use of nukes, actor George Takei quickly offered his thoughts.

Takei on Trump

For the last year and a half, Donald Trump has made a habit out of voicing his opinions and thoughts on Twitter. While the former host of "The Apprentice" has vowed to be "very restrained" when it comes to his use of social media, Trump doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon.

Whether it's attacks on "Saturday Night Live," the mainstream media, or foreign countries, Trump is quick to tweet out his thoughts. Critics have accused Trump of lashing out too quickly, often promoting inaccurate information that many of his followers believe regards of the validity of the statement. After Trump made a comment about nuclear weapons on Thursday morning, George Takei responded with a Twitter post on December 22.

Donald Trump tweeted that the United States should "greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes." Trump has addressed the use of nukes in the past, telling MSNBC's Chris Matthews earlier in the campaign that he would be open to allowing Japan to increase their nuclear weapon use as a way to defend themselves.

In response, George Takei informed Trump about why nukes are not the best course of action, adding in a personal family history lesson in the process.

"Trump wants to expand our nuclear arsenal. I think of my aunt and baby cousin, found burnt in a ditch in Hiroshima," George Takei tweeted Thursday evening, while adding, "These weapons must go." Takei is best known for his time as a co-star on the "Star Trek" TV series, but spent years in a Japanese internment camp during World War 2.

Moving forward

While it's currently unknown what Donald Trump has in store for the United States in regards to the use of nuclear weapons, critics were quick to voice their opposition following his statement on Twitter.

Over the last month, Trump has raised questions about his foreign policy views, including his denial over a CIA report that concluded Russia hacked the presidential election in his favor, as well as increasing tension with China by speaking to the president of Taiwan.

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