The heartbreaking news of the unexpected passing of George Michael has shocked everyone. Social media is ablaze with tweets and posts honoring the legendary musician. Of course this means we are hearing stories of him that were never told before.

He wanted to do volunteer work and found a way.

George Michael was a very generous man. He wanted to be involved in community service but found it difficult due to his fame. In order to volunteer at a homeless shelter he had to ask other volunteers to keep his secret.

A volunteer he had worked with, Emilyne Mondo, tweeted her story saying she had never told because he had asked her not to.

He gave millions to strangers and charities.

It wasn't just his time he gave but his money as well. There was a lady that wanted to undergo IVF and couldn't afford it. He heard it as she appeared on "Deal or No Deal" and the next day George Michael called to give her 15,000 pounds for the procedure. Another lady he spotted in a diner was crying over her debts. He gave her 25,000 pounds.

A charity named ChildLine received millions from him through anonymous donations. There are stories emerging of small charities that only survived because of the donations of George Michael.

After the death of his mother, George Michael wanted the nurses of NHS to know how much he appreciated what they had done for her. He gave a free concert in North London for them to attend. Later he was in a bar and realized the bartender was a nursing student so he tipped her 5,000 pounds to help with her expenses.

He was generous beyond belief. The royalties went to charity from his number one record in 1996, "Jesus To A Child". The royalties from "Last Christmas/Everything She Wants" went to Ethiopian famine relief. Finally the royalties from "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" went to Rainbow Trust children's charities and an AIDS Hospice, London Lighthouse.

As fans come to realize the level of generosity George Michael practiced, they are both surprised and humbled.

To know what a great man he was and wanted it all kept secret. The world has lost a beacon of light for many.

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